IT spending in the UK remains positive

3rd April 2013

Software provider SolarWinds has released its ‘Time and Budget Spent on IT Study’ looking at technology challenges facing SMEs in the UK and Germany.

The good news is that budgets have remained the same or increased in the past five years – but according to 75% of respondents, on average, 12% of purchased software is left sitting in the box, unused.

The results of the survey highlight the importance of IT to SMEs and that investing in it is still a priority. But it also shows that there is work to be done to make sure that it’s used effectively.

The key findings from the study include:

  • 87% of UK respondents said up to half of purchased IT software is not utilised. Of this group, 28% said that up to a fifth of software purchased goes unused.
  • While budgets increased or remain the same in most industry sectors, companies in financial services and manufacturing were more likely to have reduced IT budgets the most in the last five years.
  • Although IT spending is important to UK SMEs, budgets are small. One in five companies spends just £1,500 on IT software each year.
Security and uptime
  • More than a quarter of those in the UK who said that IT budgets had decreased or remained the same, stated that this had a detrimental impact on IT security and uptime. This is in comparison to Germany where less than 10% felt that flat budgets had a negative impact on IT security and uptime.
IT responsibilities
  • The majority of SMEs with fewer than 50 employees said that IT is managed by the business owner, in comparison to SMEs with greater than 50 employees where the majority had a dedicated IT manager to address IT issues.
  • Of those surveyed in the UK, more than one in 10 said that IT was not their main responsibility. Comparatively, almost half of those surveyed in Germany have other responsibilities outside of IT within their organisation.
  • Furthermore, of those for that IT is not their main responsibility, one third of UK respondents said that they spent 30% of their time managing IT issues.

SolarWinds vice president Sanjay Castelino said: “The fact that three quarters of respondents said that a percentage of their IT software is going unused is not surprising to me given that so many vendors are putting out expensive, difficult to install, and hard to use software.

"Our mission at SolarWinds has always been to eliminate the complexity found in traditional enterprise software, making it easy to find, buy, deploy and maintain from the day it's downloaded."

See the full report

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