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Future in focus for the digital community: what’s ahead for the rest of 2013?

22nd February 2013

comScore recently released their 2012 review of the UK digital landscape and the results make for some exciting and revealing reading.

Major events, including the London Olympics, had a big impact on the whole UK economy and the digital slice of that pie was particularly tasty. And the UK continues to lead in digital engagement and the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other gizmos.

So SME business have to get on the digital bandwagon or risk not just missing out, but fading from the landscape altogether.

The report revealed that the UK has the highest number of hours spent on digital platforms (37 per month) for the 18 European markets analysed. Almost a third of that time is spent on tablets and smartphones.

As a result, 16% more display ads were published online and advertisers are increasingly looking at ways of creating tablet or smartphone-specific ways of reaching out to customers.

Top 3 retail activities with mobiles:
  1. Find a store
  2. Compare a price
  3. Research product features

However, the research, showed that an average of three in 10 ads were never seen by the target audience. So evaluation and analysis of ad campaigning will become increasingly important to justify marketing spend.

Social networks continue to capture a lot of UK browsing time (Facebook is still the king!) and it will be interesting to note the ways companies try and tap into that – ie cash returns for the high brand engagement that some companies enjoy.

What is perhaps surprising is the average age of Facebook users, just under 40 and, would you believe that people over 55 (20.4%) make up the largest group of internet users in the UK?

The rise of the silver surfer!

What is clearest of all in the report is that platforms vary (tablet, PC, laptop etc), but UK use of the internet continues to grow. We don’t care how we do it, we just want to get online whenever we can for as long as we can.

Retail trends from the comScore report:

Purchasing: 20% of smartphone users purchased a good or service on their device. Price per item and overall monthly spend is growing rapidly.

Showrooming: The smartphone, is the perfect companion for comparing prices, finding shop locations etc. Because it's with you at all stages of the purchase funnel.

Sharing: People use social media to share what they have purchased, or to 'check into' a shop etc.

The UK is becoming a global powerhouse in digital terms and so much time online is spent spending. So it's fair to say that it's worth repeating: If your business isn't equipped to sell online or at the very least promote online, it's probably time you were.

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